The Hitchhikers Guide to the Isles of Wonder 42 Secrets by Mason Bigelow cover image
Hardback: 27.00
so long, old dna,* and thanks for all the fish...

do you really believe it all just came to him in a flash one morning in a field -
the answer to life, the universe and everything?

well, whatever he had been doing the night before, he discovered some BIG

hidden away in all that humour (by far the safest way to divulge the truth) are
all the answers you could ever need to solve your deep metaphysical
conundrums. explore with us the origins of the incoming whale, the vogons,
and the krikkit wars, before we take you through a stargate to jupiter and
beyond, to the beginnings and ends of time, rearranging the geography of the
entire planet on the way...

it will not be a comfortable ride and the world to which you return will be
upside down. you have been misled for many centuries by those you thought
you could trust, by toutatis! asterix had a rational fear - the sky HAD fallen
down! and not for the first time - or the last...
ok, towel at the ready?

NOW you can panic!

* douglas adams was known as dna by his friends