In this, his pioneering
work on catastrophism
- which patently
inspired Velikovsky
years later, despite
the protestations of
the latter  - Comyns
Beaumont takes his
evidence not only
from actual
phenomena otherwise
unexplained, but also
from Plato, Aristotle,
Homer, Josephus,
Caesar and the Bible  
among others.
He strips away
the false divisions
between academic
disciplines, brings
ancient  astronomical
knowledge back into
play and mathematically
completely overturns the  
long-accepted version
of the history of our
planet and the systems
within systems through
which it operates in the
wider cosmos, describing
clearly how the regard for
the operation of  the male
and female creative
principles has been
criminally misrepresented
as 'mere' phallic worship.
The Riddle of Prehistoric Britain by Comyns Beaumont Ben Sims cover image
''The Mysterious
Comet' examines the
relationship between
the Earth and other
bodies in  space, with
or without 'fixed' orbits,
noting the effects on
various systems,
weather and  
otherwise. Comyns
Beaumont notes the
interaction between
comets, meteors,
meteorites and
volcanoes, and  the
manner in which all life
is sustained by the
replenishment of air
and water and other
energies brought by
cometary bodies.
The Riddle of the Earth by Comyns Beaumont image
in the LAND
In this volume Comyns
Beaumont brings
together historical
and biblical evidence
to  demonstrate that
the history we have
come to accept is far
from accurate. He
develops the  theme
of the advanced
civilisation present in
pre-Roman Britain -
the post-diluvian
remnant of  the
land-mass Plato
called Atlantis.
His acceptance of
ancient astronomical
and meteorological
knowledge puts an
end to the  whole
concept of an 'Ice Age',
as aeons melt into
The past is closer
than we think!
The Mysterious Comet by Comyns Beaumont image
In this volume, Comyns
Beaumont links the
British survivors of the
Northern European
Atlantis to significant
mysteries of
conventional history.
He relates the mass
extinction brought
about by the coming
of a 'comet' some
3,500 years ago,
during the war between
the 'gods' and the
giants; re-identifies the
Jews; relocates many
important historical
events, and re-identifies
many historical and
biblical characters,
always backing his
assertions with ample
and convincing
historical, geographical
and astronomical
The world turned
upside down!
Britain the Key to World History by Comyns Beaumont cover image
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The Great Deception by Comyns Beaumont cover image
Available at last!
of this long lost, long
sought, final volume
of Comyns Beaumont's
revolutionary history
of the British Isles and
the World.
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