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This adventure starts with a body
and proceeds through a series of
exciting episodes to profound
mystery. Satanists, noblemen, the
holy grail... Readers who have
enjoyed Lewis and Tolkien should
discover Charles Williams
A thrilling adventure featuring the Crown
of Solomon, a murderous prince, the
Chief Justice of England, a God-fearing
Arabian Cleric, Sir Giles Tumulty - the
rudest scientist archaeologist
adventurer ever - and the Chief Justice's
secretary, Miss Chloe Burnett.

Within the Crown of Suleiman bin Daood
is a mystical stone of legendary power.
Sir Giles has acquired it and wants to
learn to control its powers, Prince Ali
must recover it to restore the honour of
his family, Reginald Montague wants to
use it to found a business empire and
become fabulously rich - but perhaps
the stone has ideas of its own?
The Place of Lion begins with the
immediate excitement of an
escaped lioness and in Williams'
trademark style shifts rapidly into
strangeness and metaphysical
allegory. Suitably strange and
exciting, this is the third of Williams
books investigating aspects of
power. Charles Williams was a
member of the Inklings - the
celebrated literary society that had
C.S.Lewis and J.R.R.Tolkien
among its members.
The Greater Trumps is centred
around Henry Lee. Henry is a King
among men: Young, strong and
newly qualified as a barrister,
Henry is also heir to great magical
The Greater Trumps is centred
secrets passed to him from Aaron
secrets passed to him from Aaron
Lee, his grandfather, the eldest
member of the eldest Gipsy
family. Aaron has studied the
secrets all his life but unlike
Henry has heeded the warnings
against putting them into use.
Henry is about to find out what
happens when the created
attempts to assume the role of
the Creator. Charles Williams was
a member of the Inklings - the
celebrated literary society that
had C.S.Lewis and J.R.R.Tolkien
among its members
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In All Hallows Eve Charles Williams
deals with life and death, the
living and the dead and with the

Williams' profound understanding
of spiritual reality makes this
book deeply enlightening.

Charles Williams
Paperback: £13.00 GBP

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Charles Williams

Charles Williams was a member of the Inklings - the celebrated literary society (which included C S Lewis and J R R
Tolkien) and he was also a member of the
Order of the Golden Dawn, made infamous by Aleister Crowley.
Williams' books are particularly useful to the seeker who is floundering in what C S Lewis called
'the mazes of spiritualism and western mysticism'.
Unlike many writers on these subjects, Williams writes from a position of experience.

Charles Williams

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A play is being enacted upon Battle Hill.
Who are the players?

There are ghosts, one ghost is disturbing
the dreams of Lawrence Wentworth, an
authority on military history, who is
helping the players to perfect their

Pauline has a part in the play. She too is
haunted by a ghost, a ghost of someone
she feels unable to ignore. It is herself.

Lily Sammile suggests she tell stories to
herself to distract from such worries -
there can't be harm in that, can there?

Williams' clearest expression of how a
soul can come to be damned and how a
soul seemingly lost (and bodily dead)
can be saved.
Shadows are moving in the jungle -
all over the African continent
seemingly unstoppable forces
move against the European powers.

And shadows are moving in the
drawing rooms of London - Roger
Ingram, poet and literary critic, has
brought the jungle to meet his
family and friends in the form of his
strange ideas and a Zulu king.

And shadows are moving out of Sir
Bernard's childhood photographs,
taken a long lifetime before,
moving, alive and unchanged, in
the form of Nigel Considine.

Immortality, mind control, mastery. .

Shadows of Ecstasy.

In this factual work Williams traces
the history of popular ideas about
and official and religious attitudes to
Witchcraft showing their origins in
pre-Christian Rome.

Unlike less sincere Christian writers,
Williams does not, in his conclusions,
attempt to justify the horrible
excesses of churches and states;
however, he manages to be
generous to the torturer in allowing
that the power of evil was regarded
as real and was really feared.

This is not a book about magic but
about surviving accounts of those
who practised it and official
attitudes and reactions to them.

Charles Williams
Paperback: £13.00 GBP

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