Comyns Beaumont and Family

William Comyns Beaumont was the maternal uncle of author Daphne
Du Maurier, and arranged for the initial publication of her writing,
although it has to be said she did not, publicly at least, appear to be
overly impressed by
his work .

She produced her own biography of Francis Bacon, somewhat at
odds with Comyns Beaumont's
The Private Life of the Virgin Queen.

At no point did she ever suggest that Sir Francis was anyone other
than Sir Francis. . .
Daphne Du Maurier
Christopher Toyne, Actor, Comyns Beaumont's grandson
Comyns Beaumont family tree image

He even provided a family tree:
Joseph Beaumont image
Christopher Toyne
The son of John Beaumont, clothier, and his wife Sarah Clarke,
his wife, Joseph Beaumont was born at Hadleigh, Suffolk, on
13th March 1616. He was educated at Hadleigh grammar school,
and proceeded to Cambridge in 1631, where he was admitted
to Peterhouse, Cambridge. In 1644 he was one of the royalist
fellows ejected from Cambridge, and he retired to Hadleigh,
to write his epic poem of Psyche. From 1643 he held the
rectory of Kelshall in Hertfordshire, and in 1646 he exchanged
it for the living of Elm-cum-Emneth in Cambridgeshire. He was
appointed in the same year to a canonry of Ely.
Francis Beaumont and John Fletcher collaborated in their writing during the reign of
James I of England.They became known as a team early in their association. The first
Beaumont and Fletcher folio of 1647 contained 35 plays; 53 plays were included in the
second folio in 1679. Other works bring the total plays in the canon to about 55. While
scholars and critics will probably never render a unanimous verdict on the authorship of
all these plays, contemporary scholarship has arrived at a corpus of about 12 to 15
plays that are the work of both men. (recalling 'Shakespeare, or Lennon and McCartney!)
We have some of their works in preparation for publishing.