Yes, there is a bell - a secret bell, weighing 27 tons... the significance of numbers here.
There is, too, that thing like a twisted
lituus or carnyx, that terrible war-trumpet.

Satanic, you say.
Zionist, you claim.
Jerusalem, do I hear?

But what does all that MEAN?

Supposing it were not all an evil plot, but merely an event symbolic of our actual history - an event of which J B Priestley would
like the Festival of Britain, which left us White City?

OK, now I am going to ask you to suspend, not your disbelief, but rather your belief, because the following information requires a
pole-shift of the imagination...

Let us suppose for a moment that the works of Comyns Beaumont  are accurate in the conclusions
they draw - not an unreasonable supposition, since the books are extremely well-researched
and considered, and contain many references from ancient historical records,
corroborated by religious texts from the bible and elsewhere
(for example, Manetho via Josephus)
as well as from astronomical, geological,
geographical and archaeological sources.

Comyns Beaumont asserts that:

Plato's Atlantis was located in what is now the British Isles
then known as the
Cassiterides, or Tin Isles, famed for the metals exported from its mines.
The civilization was very advanced; acknowledged and respected throughout the world.


The Flood of Noah (equivalent to the Deluge of Deucalion) was an historical event
and occurred some 3,500 years ago;
the consequence of a
catastrophic cometary impact in what was then the region of Hyperborea,
the tattered remnants of which comprise present day

The Ice Age did not happen as commonly understood; rather, it was the consequence of the Drift
which occurred following the cometary impact.

The descent of the comet was preceded by thirteen years of war
between the
'Gods' of the Cabiri and the Titans.

Cabiri worked at weapons production among other things in underground bases or 'Temples'.
They worshipped
Set and were called Satans.

Eden was in the South West of England, and the 'apples' were hand-grenades or similar,
produced at the factories.

Abraham - Ab'ram, the High Ram (Hiram), the earthly representative of the Thrice Great HERMES
ruled in Abaris/Hebron/Avebury.

The character of
Moses aka Rabshakeh and others was an international arms dealer
and producer of weapons of mass destruction (serpent rods) who travelled the world
stirring up trouble and promoting
Jehovah, setting up temples to him
initiates could learn the secrets of the fiery serpent.

Jews of the Bible were in fact the Celts of Britain.

Isaac didn't exist as a person. The character of Isaac - I-Saak or Sakai - represented
Saxon people.

Jacob dreamed of the ladder to heaven on a hill near Glastonbury.

was in Edinburgh.

The Greek Hades and the Egyptian Amenta with the underworld myths surrounding them
were race memories of
Staffa in the Hebrides.

Crete - The Motherland of Men and Gods - was also here.

STONEHENGE was The TEMPLE of ON, HELIOPOLIS, built under the supervision of MOSES,
likely with the aid of
acoustic levitation.
(More here)

The earth
gained mass with the impact and consequently the 360-day year was increased to 365

of the Great Catastrophe ended up in far-flung places and the story of their origins
was preserved in
mythic form - notably the stories of Phaeton and Prometheus,
both of which he suggests record the catastrophe of the comet -
a second sun careering madly through the sky,
and the comet burying itself in the earth under the Ocean.
Comyns Beaumont describes the process by which the Greeks and Egyptians, for example,
set these myths in the land and sea surrounding their countries.
Geography had to be squeezed and distorted to make them fit there,
but  once they did, the idea stuck, since it fitted many a political agenda.

The story of the Great Catastrophe was also
preserved in stone;
stone shelters built on the advice of the astronomers before the comet,
but only useful against impact, not resultant deluge;
(afterwards the pyramids of Egypt were built as a defence against future catastrophes).
Monuments made from the rock of the comet,
and stones inscribed with
symbols depicting the tragic events,
if we read and heed, may help us at some future date, be it distant or close at hand.

with depiction of the comet impact and resultant deluge, c.3,600 years ago


As to the Occult Olympics; it is inconceivable that high-ups would not still have access
to antediluvian records and have kept up the
traditions of the secret temples and the underground bases.
This being the case, they are likely to be embroiled in some version
That Hideous Strength, complete with NICE, or perhaps Saturn Over the Water.
They may well be trying to
raise Merlin or call down the Lord of Mars,
whatever they are up to,
the same groups of people (Celtic, Saxon and Semitic) are to this day battling it out.
For actual ZION
William Blake was definitely on to something.

(and then moved to Scotland)
These Isles are indeed wondrous,  and ever  were.
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