"It's all in Plato, all in Plato: bless me, what do they teach them at those schools!"
C S Lewis

A  mind that is positive cannot be
For the purposes of occult dominion
minds must therefore be rendered
and negative
in order that control can be achieved.
Minds consciously working to a definite
are a  power,
and power can oppose power
for  good or for evil.
The scheme for world dominion
might  be doomed
by the recognition of this principle
as it is unfortunately unrecognised,
it remains

Edith Starr Miller
Lady Queenborough


"An asteroid or a super volcano could
destroy us, and we face risks the
dinosaurs never saw:  an engineered
virus, inadvertent creation of a micro
black hole, catastrophic global
warming or some as-yet-unknown
technology could spell the end of us.
Humankind evolved over millions of
but in the last sixty years  atomic
weaponry created the potential
to extinguish ourselves. Sooner or
later, we must expand life
beyond this green and blue ball
—or go extinct."
Elon Musk

At the time of writing this introduction,
humanity has just made a rendezvous
with a comet - we are still not sure why
- and the Sentinel Mission carries on
In the first ten years as a volunteer
organisation, the focus remained on
asteroid deflection research and
advocacy. But then came the epiphany
that you can’t deflect an asteroid you
don’t even know is headed to Earth.
You can’t stop what you can’t see.
Preventing an  impact requires
adequate early  warning.
Unless we act, humanity is unlikely to
have such an adequate warning.
Protecting the Earth is our #1 priority.
In July 2012 on the anniversary of the
Tunguska Asteroid impact, the B612
Foundation announced its plans to
build, launch and operate a deep
space telescope with an infra-red lens
– the first private-sector deep space
mission in history.

There have been many catastrophic
events brought about through collision
with other bodies,  and there may yet
be more. This is old knowledge which
is wisely preserved and encoded
universally within the art, architecture,
astronomy, astrology, magic, songs,
fairy tales, histories, religions, and
masonic, mathematical, linguistic,
scientific and musical systems, and
culture - popular and highbrow - of
every  race and nation on the planet.

The knowledge is not hidden, merely
embedded to be discovered if we know
what we are looking for. Beneath,
surrounding, and mingled with this
knowledge we obviously find
knowledge of how the world was
organised in the past, between the
various devastating impacts. And it
was very different, as we would expect.
We discover traces of technology - for
want of a better word - so high as to be
almost invisible to us.

We are told that any form of high
technology is indistinguishable from
magic - well, yes. If we had never
encountered a tap, say, or a light
switch, we would be tremendously
excited to see light and water appear -
to say nothing of even those
computers we are allowed to know
about, let alone those that exist in the
demiurgic regions where the military
operate now, and operated in the past,
as Tesla discovered through
researching ancient texts.

We see that the inhabitants of the
earth once worked with the Earth, and
with its neighbours, knowing the power
these cosmic bodies held within their
grid systems - power that the human
mind could access to achieve
knowledge of the universe on many
levels, including those regarded as
spiritual, closely guarded now by the
powerful institutions of the churches of
organised religions, lest we access
knowledge of and ability to use the
powers with which we were once
familiar; dangerous powers, which
would demonstrate our essential
immortality and connectedness, and
our ability to perform what is regarded
as magic but which need not be the
exclusive property of so-called magi.

The last catastrophe disconnected us
from the grid, but the powers that be
have tried hard to prevent us
attempting reconnection, or even
knowing about our disconnectedness.
Hence the rigid control of religious
teaching, and the still widespread
disparagement of spiritualism - which is
a gateway to higher knowledge. Once
we are fully aware that death is not the
end, not only can we no longer be
controlled by the threat of it, but we
also discover that beyond death lie
many dimensions hidden from us in
mundane existence.

We see ourselves as something
greater than the assemblage of matter
we have chosen as our terrestrial
vehicle for this particular lifetime - we
understand that we have had and will
have many more such lifetimes both
here and elsewhere/when, sometimes
random and fortuitous, sometimes
carefully-chosen to fulfil a  purpose
set  by or for us, outside of time.

This is why, in writing a book like this,
one loses friends and even family. One
is helpfully informed that one must be
suffering from some mental complaint -
which, if it were really the case, would
make it incumbent on those same
people to seek help for one rather
than to scorn. At the same time they
are happy to go about their lives
amassing ever more things, and
believing and taking literally whatever
they are told by the priest, and not
merely allowing but actually insisting
on having the minds of their own
children similarly fatally befogged.

Good grief, opiates are freely available
to the masses these days yet they still
want the religion. I despair.

Here, then, we have the origin of all
stories, all religions and secret
societies, back to Eleusis and beyond.
Within all those art forms and
institutions are encoded, knowingly or
unknowingly, the truths about life
before, during and after the
catastrophes. We are told through
them that we are alive on many levels
but that our earthly existence is bound
up very closely with the earth itself and
that we need to take care of it and
protect it from all harm, whether from
above or below the clouds.

Just as the ancients were told to
record the knowledge on two pillars
which, should one perish by water or
fire, the other would remain, so has the
essential knowledge of our history,
technology and spiritual nature been
encoded within and without language
so that it will be available to us in time
capsule form should we need it.
Obviously, mathematical and pictorial
records are needed since a
trustworthy linguistic source is a rare
thing, all language being subject to the
whims of whoever holds temporal
power. This is very much the case with
English. Today's Roman-infected
mishmash is so far removed from the
Futhark that gave birth to Hebrew that
we cannot even  recognise the thought
processes of our own ancestors, so
understanding their ancient history
and geography is out of the question,
especially since the classical sources
we ultimately rely on prove to have a
very tenuous existence when we look
closer. Of the sources we are expected
to trust for an accurate rendering of
ancient history four are regarded as

Homer is said to have been blind,
though the notion is based entirely on
the character of Demodokos, a blind
poet/minstrel in The Odyssey. Other
works have been attributed to Homer
over the centuries, most notably the
Homeric Hymns. He is thought to have
been born sometime between the 12th
and 8th centuries BC, in Ionia, Smyrna
or Chios, but very little is known about
him. Some scholars believe him to be
one man; others think that he never
existed and that the stories were
created by a group. Herodotus placed
Homer around 850 BC. but dates for
his birth range from 1200 to 750 BC,
mostly because The Iliad
encompasses the story of the Trojan

The original Egyptian version of
Manetho's name is lost, and no
sources for the dates of his life and
death remain, but his work is usually
placed within the Ptolemaic dynasties
(323 - 222 BC). Despite his being
Egyptian, the works ascribed to him
were written in Greek. According to
Syncellus, he was the chief priest of
Ra at Heliopolis, and was also
influential in the cult of Sarapis. His
most famous work, Aegyptiaca, not
preserved as a whole, became
involved in disputes between Egyptian,
Jewish, and Greek historians over the
oldest civilisations. Myths accredited to
Manetho are addressed in Josephus'
work Contra Apionem ("Against
Apion"), nearly four centuries after
Aegyptiaca is believed to have been

Most of the information we have on
Herodotus comes from his writings. It
has been suggested that he was born
between 500 B.C. and 470 B.C. since
in The Histories he does not mention
the Persian War of 480-479 B.C. It is
believed that he died between 429-413
B.C. in the plague of Athens.

Titus Flavius Josephus, born Joseph
ben Matityahu, was a first-century
Romano-Jewish historian, born in
Jerusalem to a father of priestly
descent and a mother who claimed
royal ancestry. He initially fought
against the Romans during the First
Jewish–Roman War as head of Jewish
forces in Galilee, but surrendered in
67 to Vespasian. He claimed that
Jewish prophecies told that Vespasian
would be Emperor, so Vespasian
decided to keep Josephus as a slave
and interpreter.  Vespasian became
Emperor in 69, and freed Josephus,
who then adopted the emperor's family
name. Flavius Josephus defected, was
granted Roman citizenship and
became an advisor and translator to
Vespasian's son Titus, during the
Siege and destruction of Jerusalem
and the Temple. His most important
works were The Jewish War (c.75) and
Antiquities of the Jews.  In 1544, a
version of the standard Greek text
became available, and this was
translated into English in 1732 by
William Whiston.

The  tradition of the blind storyteller  
has endured for long ages; Uncle
Remus is a relatively modern example.
Over the course of history there have
been many periods when secrets
haver not been committed to writing or
language has been censored to some
degree; the Druidic  method of oral
transmission requiring twenty years of
instruction, periods when translating
and even reading the bible forbidden,
and periods when it was forbidden to
teach slaves to write. In the
Elizabethan  age  players were
required to be licensed, and more
recently during the times of
persecution of 'witches', many things
were forbidden to be uttered. It almost
seems as if we are meant to see
ourselves as blind slaves telling stories.

"It may appear invidious to call to
account men of learning, who have
gone before me in inquiries of this
nature, and to point out defects in their
writings: but it is a task which I must, in
some degree, take in hand, as the
best writers have, in my opinion, failed
fundamentally in these researches.
Many, in the wantonness of their fancy,
have yielded to the most idle surmises;
and this to a degree of licentiousness,
for which no learning nor ingenuity can
atone. It is therefore so far from being
injurious, that it appears absolutely
necessary to point out the path they
took, and the nature of their failure;
and this, that their authority may not
give a sanction to their mistakes; but,
on the contrary, if my method should
appear more plausible, or more
certain, that the superiority may be
seen upon comparing; and be proved
from the contrast. "

Seeing that
relations heretofore accounted
have been after found
to contain in them
many footsteps
and reliques
of something true,
as what we read in poets
of the flood,
and giants
little believed
till undoubted witnesses
taught us
that all was not feigned;
I have,
determined to bestow
the telling over
even of these
reputed tales;
be it for nothing else
but in favour
of our English poets
and rhetoricians,
who by their art
will know
how to use them


isil ison

isis in the isles of wonder

deconstructing the terror

the never ending cycle of deception

In order to deconstruct we must be
allowed to analyse. in order to analyse
we must be able to discuss freely.

if we want to understand something of
the nature of our reality we must be
free to disagree with the contorted
disjointed disconnected version of the
world and its history that is peddled by
those who naively and foolishly see it
as being in their interests to
perpetuate, so that they can hold on to
the totally imaginary power they
believe they possess.

the central part of this power is the
imaginary and self feeding terrr they
are able to generate - if we let them.

the only way any human being can
hold power over another is to threaten
them with death. if we understand the
true nature of death - and life - that
power is immediately removed.
when we are discussing life and death,
knowledge very definitely is power.

however,  if that knowledge is guarded
and twisted by those who believe
themselves to be its guardians, then
we allow them to have power over us.
this is not good for either party.


in religion, there are outer mysteries
for the 'profane' and inner mysteries
for the ;initiated.' you will note, though,
that for both parties they are still
MYSTERIOUS, which is not very
helpful in terms of understanding the
planet and the wider universe.   

but wait, i hear you say - we have
science to help us understand those
things. religion for the spirit, and
science for the material.

ok, but if you also recognise that the
science we see is at least 25 years
behind what is actually do-able
(because they make toys out of it, for
us to play with, to keep us occupied).


then you can accept that at the levels
scientists are really working on now,
the artificial matter/spirit distinction is
meaningless. CERN, fior instance. a
deep undeground base where they
TELL us they are creating black holes
and new universes. so what else are
they up to???

the science/religion dichotomy is a
relatively recent phenomenon.
formerly, in the days before the flood,
there was a clearer understanding of
the cyclical nature of the universe.
there was even, it would appear, a
more than rudimentary knowldeg of the
precautions necessary to preserve this
knowledge in the event of an
interruption in the system whic would
result in global catastrophe, to take the
parochial view.

this knowledge was and is contained
and sometimes concealed within
religious rites and writings, within
mathematics (which is the home of
geometry, sacred and otherwise),
within art and literature, within geology
and geography and most significantly
within the very linguistic codes we are
obliged to use to be able to
communicate with one another on any

once, we understood that we were a
part of the universe rather than apart
from it ( how on earth or in heaven
could that be anyway) and in this
wholeness needed nothing else. now,
we search desperately for meaning
and connection and are told that there
is a real universe where we live that is
self contained and holds within it
everything there is, and it is made of
rocks and numbers, but, hang on, we
must also believe in a magic heaven-
and possibly even hell -  somewhere
outside it, where we go after we die.
erm... is it any wonder men prefer to
look at pictures of ladies' body parts>
well.. yes - that part still puzzles me,
because even if I felt lost in a cold
uncaring universe, I fail to see how the
sight of a hairy penis would be in the
least bit comforting. but that actually
leads me on to the main point - how
they do it.

the goddess

screen, domestic, religious, fashion -
fashion, that's it. the controlling
mechanism is the lady and her cycles,
controlled by the moon. and her image
can be moulded to suit any occasion,
because the population, or herd, is
managed through the hormones. as
though the filter of the five senses that
are acknowledged, the mail one
currently considered to be sight.

the masses can there fore easily be
managed by manipulation of images.
we know how the fashion industry
works, by persuading us that a certain
shape of body or body covering is
moere 'attractive' and presumably
therefore desirable this season
seasons are also a relatively recent
ting, but we'll deal with that later.

now that I have started at the surface
level I can see it will be complicated to
trace back all the way down the rabbit
hole.  let;s therefore take a leap back
in time and start at the beginning, and
work our way back to the present.

in the beginning was the word, and the
word was god and the word was with
god, apparently.

the lost word.

in masonry, to which we will come a
little later, much is made of the lost

there is also the story of the lost chord
to which we will also return later.

for now, let's get to the bottom of the
tactics used to keep humanity in
slavery through fear.

how do they do this?

first, through the roman 'church'. I
have not been subjected to this evil
first hand, but i have and do suffer
from the insidious and destructive
effects it has had on others.

the tactics used by this power group
are deeply psychologically scarring.

first and most importantly they make
sure you do not think of yourself as
immortal. under no circumstances can
you assume that you will survive the
decay and failure of your bodily
transportation. you may, if you are
good after the total destruction of your
entire being be awakened by god's
horn at the end of days but how the
devil you are supposed to collect all
the bits from the cosmic hoover bag
and stick them all back together is
anybody's guess. and who are 'you'
anyway, in their scheme of things?
they do give you a soul, but i don't
think this counts as you.... uh?

as if that wasn't enough, they then
invent a notion of sin (other than as a
name for the moon) and claim that
everyone has a bit of it, by virtue of
being born in the first place. they then
invent heaven and hell, which are
located somewhere totally other than
anywhere anyone can possibly
conceive of. should this cause
bafflement in tinuy minds, said tiny
minds are threatened with committal to
the falmes and eternal torture of this
fiery place underneath (underneath
what? you may ask, winnie the pooh-
like, but you will get no answer, just
more threats of the eternal torture you
will suffer

next they take away the sense of
personal responsibility - one of the
primary principles of the spiritualist
philosophy - which had to take on the
cloak of a religion I order not to have
its supporters burnt - or later, hanged -
as witches. this removal of personal
responsibility, and therefore free will,
means that you have no control over
your actions and are unable to decide
for yourself what is good for you - or
indeed what is good at all. you are
therefore able to be tempted by
whatever ridiculous thing they choose
to dangle in front of you. mostly they
use low vibrating things like base
sexual urges and greed, because they
know that people have instincts
instilled into them  - instincts to stay
alive and perpetuate the species for
whatever purpose said species was
dumped here in the first place.

from these two urges they can create
various handy forms of aggression
which they can use to their advantage,
resulting in wars and conflicts
damaging to the cities they have got
the people to build. they can then get
the conveniently  reduced population
to get rebuilding for them so that they
can gather to themselves more rock
juice which they call metal - the gold
and silver juices are their favourites.
they get the workers to heat up the
rocks from under the ground to
squeeze the juice out, then they let it
set into little shiny lumps and - bury it
back in the ground! brilliant, eh? there
is a lot of this stuff under the town in
the middle of the place they call Rome
- that they used to call Room in other
times when it was elsewhere. they
keep other interesting stuff down there
too. all the best astronomy and magic
books - the ones they didn't burn. they
make sure no-one sees them in case
they get to know things they shouldn't,
because then they might cause trouble.

The donkey or ass1 was sacred to

“Thrown by angry Jove,

Sheer o’er the crystal battlements;
from morn

To noon he fell, from moon to dewy

A summer’s day, and with the settling

Dropt from the zenith like a falling star,

On Lemnos, the Aegean isle.”

Nightmares, Dark Horses and Pale
Hurled down to earth, Hephaestus3
was reared in an underwater cave by
the Nereid Thetis and the Oceanid
Eurynome. When he grew up he
wanted revenge and reinstatement as
an immortal on Olympus. He made a
golden throne which would entrap the
one who sat in it and delivered it to his
mother as a gift. Hera accepted it and
became entangled. Dionysus
eventually persuaded Hephaestus to
free her by getting him drunk and then
leading him back to heavenly Olympus
on a white ass... like Muhammad on his
isra (night-journey) to 'Jerusalem'.

The steed Buraq transporting the
prophet Muhammad
on his ISRA (night-journey) to

Kamdhenu, the Hindu equivalent

No definite date is cited for this alleged
journey but if we accept Comyns
Beaumont's relocation of holy sites, he
travelled to the Temple in Edinburgh.
The steed was originally described as
white, with wings, like Pegasus. This is
interesting in relation to the white
horse carvings of Britain, alleged to be
associated with ancient zodiacs built
into the landscape.

The Irish Puca (spelling varies)
was originally a supernatural animal
that did much to harm unwary
travellers, and took people for
nightmarish rides, leaving them
exhausted the next day.  Pukas were
said to come in the form of wild colts,
with chains hanging about them."4
turner staffa fingal's cave image