The Serial Universe by J W Dunne cover image

J W Dunne

This book follows 'An Experiment With Time', and examines the
implications of Dunne's 'Serialism' for the physical sciences.

Most of the book is accessible to the interested
non-mathematical reader, and you are unlikely to find a better
short history of the arguments and experiments giving rise to
quantum theory than that found in part three.

Serialism is the theory that arises from acknowledging that the
experience of the
passage of time implies that time requires
another kind of 'time' to 'pass in', however this acknowledgement
alone only pushes the difficulty onto the second 'time' and a
whole series of 'times' appears to need consideration.

Self-consciousness displays the same character with the self who
is conscious requiring another 'self' to be conscious of the
consciousness and so on.
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